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Posted by Kris Roman op september 2, 2008

NATO Heaquaters, (Bd. Leopold III laan – 1110 Brussel/Bruxelles), 15.00.

 Brussels. Mon., Sept, 15. 2008

Participants of the meeting assemble at the entrance of the European Parliament (Brussels, Metro Station “Schumann”, Schumann SquareWeststrat 175), 10.00 – 12.00


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

A meeting to support the European and Russian sovereignty, organized by the representatives of the Russian Community in Belgium and a number of Belgian and Russian social organizations, is to take place Sept. 15, 2008 at14.00 PM, by the European Union Parliament in Brussels (Rue Wiertz/Wiertzstraat 60, B-1047).

Dmitry Rogozin, the official representative of the Russian Federation at NATO is to speak at the meeting. The meeting will also be attended by the representatives of the Serbian community of Brussels, for the Serbian people do know what is it like to have «the international peacemakers» «restoring the territorial integrity» of their country under the command of NATO. Occupation of the country, total loss of sovereignty and ruleless Hague trials at for the true heroes of the nation – this is what awaits those who allow the North Atlantic Organization to sway their country’s destiny.destiny.

The Georgian Army launched an offence on South Osetia, firing at innocent civilians and attacking Russian peacemakers. Over 2000 people are dead; most of them are not killed in a combat – but as a result of genocide. Among the atrocities, committed by the Georgian army are civilians, burned inside a church, a pregnant woman ran over by a tank, random large-caliber machine gun fire at residential settlements, devastations at a memorial graveyard:


The American military instructors, who also took part in the action, trained the Georgian soldiers.

We want Belgium to be true Europe, not a place-of-arms for the pro-American NATO. We believe that the European Union, not NATO has to have the final say. If Europe keeps silence today, tomorrow NATO will be taking decisions for Belgium and all other European nations.

In the combats by Tskhinvali, the Russian warriors were defending not only the Osetian people – they were defending Moscow. We must defend our Motherland at the remote frontiers. The offence of 1941 shall never happen again! Today we are ready to defend our country and our nation right here, in the center of Europe.  And though we do not find ourselves in the battlefields, we can help our Motherland, perhaps even more then the soldiers, who defend peaceful civilians in the hotspot.

DO NOT STAND BACK! Come and join us in defending the interests of your country and take a stand for the world to know the true picture of the events, not the one imposed by the pro-American media.

We assemble all the participants at the entrance to the European Parliament (Brussels, Metro Station “Schumann”, Schumann Square, Weststrat 175), 10.00 – 12.00; transportation by booked busses to NATO Headquarters. Meeting by NATO Headquaters (Bd. Leopold III – 1110 Bruxelles) at 15.00.


TEL.: +32484962367, +32484955547 (Brussels), +7 495 6486539 (Moscow)


Please find more info at:

tel Euro-Rus : +32 479 585781 


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