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Euro-Rus : International Conference on friday 27 and saturday 28 june : “RUSSIA AND THE EUROPEAN EMPIRE BUILDING THOUGHT”.

Posted by Kris Roman op juni 6, 2008


In the name of the Organizing Committee of Euro-Rus we invite you for the International Conference “RUSSIA AND THE EUROPEAN EMPIRE BUILDING THOUGHT”.

This  Conference will take place in Dendermonde, Flanders (Belgium) on the 27-th and 28-th of June 2008.

It will be the further development of  the subjects discussed during two Moscow Conferences: 


(june 2006)


(july 2007)

organized  by the Russian geopolitical  think tank Ateney (Atheneum)

We are happy to announce that this year  the Conference will be held in Flanders, North part of Belgium en Euro-Rus will host the most interesting  speakers and experts in this field.

Taverne ’t Peird, Kasteelstraat, 1, 9200 Dendermonde. Info : 0032/0479/585781

We already have a confirmation of the participation of our main speakers: 

Pavel Tulaev from Russia (director of the  Atheneum);

Dr. David Duke from the USA (Civil Right Organisation)  (Again invitated in Flanders !)

Kris Roman from Flanders (Chairman Euro-Rus);


Intro and moderation :

Robert Steuckers from Flanders (geopolitical thinktank Euro-Synergies);

Other speakers are :

Pierre Vial from France (President of Terre et Peuple)

Frederik Ranson from Flanders (coordination NSA, Flemish Solidarists);

Jan Kristel, from Czechia (Delian Diver, geopolitical thinktank);

Anton Rachev from Bulgaria;

Dr. Alfred Vierling from the Netherlands;

Stephanos Gekas from Greece;

(This list of speakers can lightly be modified : it is possible that there will be more speakers)


The 3 main speakers will present their visions to the public on the  27-th of  June. Also they will participate in an exlusive round table discussion with the other speakers on the next day.


None of the core subjects will  be omitted : European foreign politics, immigration, economic lobbies, (un)security, ecology, demographics, moral decay.

The European Axe Paris-Berlin-Moscow and of course our geopolitical project : The Europe From  Gibraltar to Vladivostok  will be covered  !

We also want to speak about the place of the local (folk) nationalism in the Great European  context, military  cooperation, EU, NATO, the USA…

All speaches exposed in English, French or German will not be translated. The common language will be english : all other languages will be translated into english. We will also not forget the Dutch language, the only official language in Flanders.


Schedule : 

Friday 27 june 2008, beginning 19h00 – 07 PM :

Intro by Kris Roman;

Speaches by Pavel Tulaev & David Duke.


Saturday 28 june 2008, beginning : 10h00 – 10AM, end : 18h00-06 PM :

Speaches by all speakers, included all speakers of friday (see list above).


After the congres speakers and visitors can stay at place for a drink.


Kris Roman

Chairman Euro-Rus

More info ?


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